Dorinca Italian Designed Furniture & Product Warranty

We grant a fixed period warranty for all Dorinca bedding products. The warranty should cover 5-15 years usage depending on the type of purchased

products(Terms & Conditions Applied).  The warranty starts from the date of purchase, and is becoming valid from the date customer registers their purchase on Dorinca website. The Dorinca Warranty Registration Card is located in the original packaging box of the product. Dorinca reserves the right to return/refund/repair/replace a faulty product under the valid warranty period.

The Dorinca Warranty Registration Card shows terms and conditions. This should be filed away in a safe place. If a problem with your purchase is considered covered by the valid Dorinca Warranty, please contact us with the corresponding photos of the affected product & areas. If the product arrived with damage, please keep in its original packaging and contact us within 7 days for free replacement.

For the first year from the date of purchase, we offer a full warranty on all Dorinca bedding products. During this period we remedy all damages related to material or manufacturing defects through free replacements, if the product cannot be repaired. From the second year of warranty a progressive warranty enters into force, related to the selling price and the warranty period. For example, the product comes with a 5 Year Warranty: 1st year 100%, 2nd year 80%, 3rd year 60%, 4th year 40%, 5th year 20%. The recognized amount is deducted from the purchase price of the new mattress. The purchaser is charged with the remaining amount to process the replacement. Following our service under warranty, the current warranty period is not interrupted and a new one is not started. The Warranty doesn’t cover all related delivery cost.

The following are excluded from warranty conditions: defect due to inappropriate treatment or use, defect caused by natural wear, trace of dirt, indirect damages, sitting on edge of the mattress etc. For more detailed information please refer to the original Dorinca Warranry Registration Card in the original package of the product.

For mattresses:

The warranty covers: if visible level of dipping/sagging at the centre of the mattress is greater than 60mm (plush to medium), 80mm (mediumfirm to firm). This refer to a dipping  that is visible when no weight /pressure is applied to the top of the mattress.

Please note, too hard or too soft is personal feel and judgement, therefore, it is not covered by the warranty. And also since back pain is a complicated issue, therefore our warranty does not guarantee no back pain after used our mattresses.