15 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Dorinca Italian Designed Furniture

Dorinca furniture comes with a 15 year manufacturer’s warranty. This warranty is valid from the date customer registers their purchase on Dorinca website. Terms and conditions apply. 

If you have a problem with your mattress that is covered in the 20/10 year warranty, please contact Dorinca and provide us with corresponding photos of the affected product & areas.

The warranty covers:

For the mattress, if visible level of dipping/sagging is greater than 60mm on the mattress. This refers to a dipping that is visible when no weight is applied to the top of the mattress, which have arisen despite proper use and proper handling.

If mattress arrived with damage, please keep in its original packaging and contact Dorinca within 7 days of arrival for free replacement.

Please note, under Consumer Law: "If the product is found not to have a problem, you may be required to pay the transport or inspection costs. An estimate of these costs should be provided to you before the product is collected."